You want to contribute to your community?

You want to...

  • contribute to your community?
  • be involved?
  • share?
  • learn?
  • make a difference?

Come join the 2000 volunteers at our IUHSSC! 

Give your time and share your skills, your energy, your know-how, your friendship, and your smile. In exchange you will gain rewarding relationships, meaningful experiences, and accomplishments that will allow you to participate fully in your community.  

There are all sorts of possibilities to help our diverse clientèle who range in age from 0 to 125; there’s something for all interests!

  • Assist members of the community at home, in the hospital, in a day centre or or residential care.
  • Contribute to special events by participating in logistics, welcoming the public, leading activities, or providing other support throughout the year during art sales, Christmas basket assembly, fund raisers, etc.
  • Provide information, interact, and do direct prevention work with people through the distribution of materials.
  • Do you have organizational skills? Help us with office work: updating contact lists, fund raisers, sorting, filing, data entry, translation, etc.
  • Are you a creative soul? Come strum a guitar, draw, paint, tell stories, or even dance with our patients!

How much time to give?

There is no specific time requirement for a volunteer, but we do ask for a commitment to our clientele. In all cases, the time commitment is agreed upon with the volunteer team, and must concord with the assigned functions.

Some important points to consider

 All of our volunteers are subject to background checks—we want to make sure our clientele are in good hands!

  • All volunteers must provide two references.
  • All volunteers participate in an orientation session.
  • The age of our volunteers varies according to the type of clientele and circumstances.
  • When making a match, we will consider your skills, interests, place of residence, and availability.

What options do I have?

Community-based care

Hospitals and centres locaux de services communautaires (CLSCs)

Friendly visits, assisting during mealtimes, spiritual care, listening to and accompanying people, working in one of the gift shops or book nooks, providing administrative support in offices or clinics, assisting in vaccination campaigns. 

St. Mary’s Hospital Center
514-345-3511, ext. 6563 

Lakeshore General Hospital, CLSC de Pierrefonds and CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis
514-630-2225, ext. 2119

Hôpital de LaSalle, CLSC de Dorval-Lachine and CLSC de LaSalle
514-364-6700, ext. 40250

Specialized services

Long-term care centres (CHSLD)

Friendly visits, recreational activities (cards, bridge, bingo, bowling, singing, themed meals, excursions, etc.), assisting during mealtimes, spiritual care, listening to and accompanying people.

Grace Dart Extended Care Centre
514-255-2834, ext. 3334

Ste. Anne's Hospital
514-457-3440, ext. 2399

Centre d’hébergement Denis-Benjamin-Viger

Centres d’hébergement de Dorval, de LaSalle, de Lachine and Nazaire-Piché
514-364-6700, ext. 40250

Readaptation centres for troubled youth

Helping young people and facilitating their reintegration into the community, mentoring, tutoring, friendly visits, recreational activities (hockey, meals, walks, excursions, etc.), listening and accompaniment, administrative and office support, individual support.

Batshaw Youth and Family Centres
514-989-1885, ext. 1234

Readaptation centre for people with an intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, or physical disability

Help and facilitate the reintegration of users into the community. Mentoring, tutoring, friendly visits and calls, recreational activities (hockey, meals, walks, excursions, etc.), administrative support, individual support, and various activities.

West Montreal Readaptation Centre
514-363-3025, ext. 2255

Mental health 

Friendly visits and calls, recreational activities (walks, excursions, etc.), mentoring, listening and accompaniment, administrative and office support, individual support, and various activities. Helping and facilitating the reintegration of users into the community.

Douglas Mental Health University Institute
514-761-6131, ext. 4106

I want to volunteer!

Start the process right away: download the form, fill it in, save it and send it back to the establishment of your choice!

We will contact you shortly.

A heartfelt thank you!

Hats off to all of our volunteers!

The Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre is proud to present some extraordinary volunteers to whom we say hats off!