Smoke-Free and Vape-Free Environment

Here, we are smoke-free!

In November 2015, the Quebec government amended the Tobacco Act in order to restrict the use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes. 

Given the importance of becoming a smoke-free and vape-free establishment, the Montreal West Island IUHSSC Board of Directors adopted the Smoke-Free and Vape-Free Policy in November 2017. The new policy will be implemented gradually by 2023. As a result, smoking and vaping will be prohibited inside and outside all IUHSSC buildings and sites, thus contributing to a healthier environment and fostering a healthier lifestyle. 

  • Roll-Out Plan

2018-2019: Local community service centres (CLSC) – COMPLETED

2019-2020: Lakeshore General Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital Center, and Hôpital de LaSalle

2020-2021: Residential and long-term care centres, and West Montreal Rehabilitation Centre (WMRC)

2021-2022: Batshaw Youth and Family Centres

2022-2023: Douglas Mental Health University Institute

For facilities that have yet to become 100% smoke-free

The Tobacco Control Act will be in force during the transition to a smoke-free environment.

Under the Act, smoking and vaping are prohibited within a nine-metre radius from any door, air vent, or openable window. In the event of non-compliance with the law, smokers and the establishment will be subject to a heavy fine.

Moreover, under the Cannabis Regulation Act, smoking and vaping cannabis are prohibited on the grounds of health and social services establishments.

  • Exceptions

Designated outdoor areas

During the roll-put phase, outdoor areas can be designated smoking areas following consultation between the Smoke-Free and Vape-Free Environment Committee and other parties involved.

Long-term Care Centres

Long-term care centres that have already set up indoor smoking rooms may continue to use them as long as they comply with legal provisions. 

Palliative Care

The decision to allow patients at the end of their lives to smoke cigarettes and e-cigarettes in areas other than those included in the policy shall be taken jointly by the patient and the multidisciplinary care team.

  • Resources to help you quit smoking

Smoking Cessation Support

We provide a wide range of resources—online, by phone, or in person—to help you quit smoking.

  • In-person (individual or group follow-up) and telephone support: quit smoking centres (See the list of CLSCs offering this service in Montreal).

There are two quit smoking centres on the MWI IHUSSC’s territory that offer services to the public.

  • Telephone support (I Quit Now): 1-866-527-7283
  • Online support (I Quit Now website):  
  • Text message support: SMAT is a text message service of the Canadian Cancer Society.
  • For more information on tobacco use and smoking cessation, visit the tobacco control portal: Québec sans tabac (available in French only)