Citizen Engagement - Recruitment

Citizen Engagement

In conjunction with the Institut du Nouveau Monde, the Montreal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (IUHSSC) wishes to further incorporate the citizen partner approach into the organization, with a view to create a hub in which approaches combining citizens as partners with health and well-being issues are developed. 

After setting up a partners council to develop the guidelines and a vision for the approach, and a working committee to implement various projects, the Montreal West Island IUHSSC is now in the process of forming teams to work on those projects.

Help improve our care and social services

You don’t need extensive knowledge of our programs and services to join a project team; all you need is a willingness to help and to share your experience as a citizen. 

Various themes, such as youth, mental health, and intellectual disabilities, will be explored and generate various projects. As such, we will eventually need citizens for our other project teams. Be on the lookout for future recruitment ads! 

Reducing Social Isolation of Seniors Project Team

This team will work on a project that concerns our aging society. It looks at ways of reducing the social isolation of seniors, that is, older people living alone who have little contact with their family, friends, and peers. Seniors in Pointe-Claire will be the first to benefit from the concrete solutions you will have contributed to.

Your participation in this project means will allow you to: 

  • Share your opinions and ideas for improving the care and services available to seniors.

Commitment details:

  • Begins February 2019
  • Estimated project duration: 9 months
  • Voluntary day participation (between 8 am and 5 pm)
  • Between 2 and 3 hours every three weeks.
  • Location CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis or nearby

Deadline for applications: Thursday, January 31, 2019, at 4 pm

Description of project teams


Project teams are established based on the nature of the project. Teams will be made up of:

  • citizens
  • representatives of the Montreal West Island IUHSSC
  • institutional and community stakeholders from across the territory


  • Share knowledge and expertise, make recommendations, and propose potential solutions;
  • Provide constructive input to the discussion and help build a climate of trust and cooperation within the team in order to attain the goals of the project;
  • Establish the team’s rules and functioning;
  • Be prepared for meetings, and participate actively in them. 


  • Meeting frequency: The project team shall meet once every three weeks.
  • Meeting locations: CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis or nearby

Eligibility criteria for citizens and selection process

Phase 1: Based on eligibility criteria – Do you have the right profile?

General Criteria

  • Must be 18 years and over;
  • Must have an interest in the health care and social services sector;
  • Must be active in your community or involved in social causes;
  • Previous experiences as a citizen representative for a group, committee, or council is preferable;
  • Must have good communication skills and the ability to work as a team;
  • Must have listening skills and be open-minded;
  • You are required to have free time, and undertake to attend meetings and to take note of the relevant information before the meetings.

Specific criteria 

  • Must be available days for meetings of a duration of approximately 2-3 hours, held every three weeks. The frequency of the meetings will be reassessed after the first six months.

Exclusion criteria

Your application will not be accepted if:

  • You are an employee of the Montreal West Island IUHSSC.


Phase 2: Validation interview

During Phase 2, eligible applicants will be contacted for a short phone interview to validate certain information and to confirm the person’s interest in serving on the project teams. 


Phase 3: Random draw based on certain criteria

Following the phases of assessment and validation interviews, applications considered eligible will be subjected to a random draw that will take the following elements into account:

  • gender equity;
  • ethnocultural diversity;
  • age diversity.

Reimbursement of meal and travel expenses: The Montreal West Island IUHSSC will reimburse travel and parking expenses to participants needing to attend a meeting during the lunch period. A complimentary meal will also be served.  

To submit an application

Reducing Social Isolation of Seniors Project Team 

Deadline for applications: Thursday, January 31, 2019, at 4 pm

Two ways to apply: 

  1. Online: fill out the form
  2. In writing: download, print, and return the duly completed form at

Download the PDF.


 Pour plus d’informations, communiquez avec madame Thérèse Adamou :