University Education

The Montreal West Island IUHSSC fully contributes to its university mission by developing rich and varied internship programs and by creating healthy, safe, and stimulating learning environments.

Academic Affairs sees to the coordination of activities in all disciplines and undergraduate-, graduate-, and postgraduate-level programs.  

Its service offer aims to:

  • Promote and develop a culture of education in all MWI IUHSSC directorates by ensuring that all education goals and criteria are met at university affiliated facilities; 
  • Train highly qualified staff; 
  • Encourage the hiring of the next generation of such professionals within the organization. 

The education sector relies on the contribution of everyone in the organization to:  

  • Create healthy, safe, and stimulating learning environments;
  • Welcome university interns; 
  • Favour the development of discipline-specific professional skills and interprofessional collaboration among interns; 
  • Contribute to partnerships with universities, including our main partner, McGill University. 

For more information regarding our university, non-university, medical and research centre internships, refer to the Internships section