University Affiliated

The Quebec health and social services system now boasts 13 integrated health and social service centres (Centres intégrés de santé et de services sociaux - IHSSC) and nine integrated university health and social services centres (Centres intégrés universitaires de santé et de services sociaux - IUHSSC). 

What is the difference between a IHSSC and a IUHSSC? 

Integrated university health and social services centres (IUHSSC) are created according to the same model as integrated health and social services centres (IHSSC). In order to qualify as IUHSSC establishments, they must operate a designated university institute centre and be located in a region where a university offers a complete medical studies program. 

The following IUHSSC establishments have a university affiliation: 

  • Douglas Mental Health University Institute
  • St. Mary's Hospital Centre

Moreover, many research and teaching activities are conducted by the other facilities of the IUHSSC.

Douglas Mental Health University Institute

The Douglas Institute is a mental health university institute in accordance with the Act respecting health services and social services. As such, the Act provides that the Douglas must, in addition to carrying on the activities inherent in its mission, offer highly specialized or specialized mental health services to people of all ages, take part in education and health technologies and intervention assessment, and manage a certified research centre

You can also visit the Douglas Hospital Research Centre’s website. 

St. Mary’s Hospital Center 

As a university-affiliated hospital centre affiliated with McGill University, St. Mary’s Hospital Center helps train future generations of health professionals and integrate medical graduates from abroad. Its family medicine residency program is among Canada’s major and most highly sought-after programs. In addition, students enrolled in research programs can carry out or take part in research projects from any department, including those within St. Mary's Research Center

The staff at St. Mary’s Hospital Center is committed to providing top quality care and services, and dedicated to education and research