Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is a deliberate and interactive approach between research and practice. This approach supports the dissemination, adoption, and appropriation of the most current research and leading practices knowledge. To this end, knowledge transfer assesses research findings while at the same time examining the need for knowledge from practice environments to create appropriate responses for the general public, in collaboration with researchers, practitioners, partners, and knowledge users.

Knowledge Transfer Activities

Using a consulting services-based approach, the knowledge transfer team works to develop targeted strategies and activities suited for various audiences, such as managers, staff, physicians, patients, caregivers, and the public at large.  

The team supports a wide range of activities with the purpose of bringing added value aimed at the appropriation of knowledge and betterment of practices.  

Videos of past events are available on the MWI IUHSSC's YouTube channel. Other events are also posted on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. 

To learn more about knowledge transfer activities, contact the knowledge transfer team at

Symposiums, webinars, and knowledge dissemination

In order to support clinical practices based on probative data, the staff organizes knowledge dissemination and sharing activities in connection with leading practices and expertise from key players and researchers of the MWI IUHHSC. 


Cross-training is a proven approach to improve the functioning of network services. This approach aims to improve understanding of the partners’ role to better continuity of services.

For more information on cross-training, visit the website of Michel Perreault’s team

Public mental health education campaigns

For many, prejudices and stigma around mental illness are an obstacle to speaking out and seeking help. The Douglas Mental Health University Institute supports and organizes awareness activities to educate and inform the public on mental health-related issues.  

Mini-Psych School

Mini-Psych School is a series of presentations on various mental health-related topics. Presentations are given by researchers and mental health professionals and can be viewed on our YouTube channel