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Health and Social Care Technology and Intervention Assessment

Health and Social Care Technology and Intervention Assessment (HSCTIA) is an integral part of university affiliation.  

This form of assessment consists in a systematic review of the relevant scientific literature—enriched with contextual and experiential data—to establish the superiority of a technology or method of intervention over others. 

The aim of this rigorous exercise is to minimize doubt as to the relevance of technologies or methods of intervention so that recommendations can be made to managers and special interest groups, thus supporting their decisions. Other types of reports can also be produced to support managers in their decisions. 

Filing a request

Why file a request?

To provide better quality of care and services to patients and their loved ones, management must constantly evaluate whether to keep an existing technology or method of intervention or to update it.

These decisions must be based on efficiency, safety, associated costs, context of the intervention, the users, and the target clientele. Decision-makers therefore need to be supported in order to make the right choices. This is where HSCTIA experts come into play. 

Who can file a request?

Government decision-makers (e.g. MSSS), upper management, clinical and cross-sectoral departments, user representatives, and other special interest groups, research centres and partners of our IUHSSC can request an HSCTIA. 

How to file a request? 

To file an HSCTIA request, you must first fill out this form. Our experts can help you fill out the form to pinpoint your needs.  

Requests are then assessed for admissibility and feasibility. Once they are given the go-ahead, these requests are prioritized based on the organization’s major projects. 

The HSCTIA unit undertakes to respond to requests within 15 working days following receipt.  

HSCTIA Unit Reports

Four products are provided:  

  • Quick responses
  • Reports prepared based on a short-cut method
  • Traditional HSCTIA reports
  • Practice guides or an adaptation thereof 

Turnaround times for these products varies from one month to 18 months, depending on the complexity of the HSCTIA. 

The choice of an HSCTIA product is based on the state of scientific knowledge and is made in accordance with ethical principles that require a more or less exhaustive review of the operational context and of the experts’ and users’ relevant experience. 

Reports published

Support for seniors

Mental health

Teaching and training 

Articles published