A Generous Gesture for Our Seniors

Over the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard all around the world. Unfortunately, the virus has hit our seniors particularly hard. In response to this situation, a group of financial advisors from the Chinese communities in Toronto and Montréal, led by Mr. Johnson Fu, launched the Montréal Chinese Financial Security Advisors Fighting COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign. Their objective: to raise funds for long-term care centres (CHSLD) of the Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (IUHSSC)!

To date, the group has collected over $30,000, with an objective of $60,000. These funds will support various initiatives at all Montréal West Island IUHSSC CHSLDs.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Ritchie Wang, Clinical Activities Specialist with the Support for Elderly Autonomy Program Directorate. With the help of contacts, he made the financial advisors aware of the benefits they could contribute to the long-term care centres.

From left to right: Daniel Chuang, Manager — Sun Life Financial; Tom Pang, Manager — Sun Life Financial; Ritchie Wang, Clinical Activities Specialist, Support for Elderly Autonomy Program Directorate, Montréal West Island IUHSSC; David Sun, Advisor — Canada Life; Yvan Carbonneau, Associate Executive Director, Montréal West Island IUHSSC; Brigitte Auger, Director—Support for Elderly Autonomy Program, Montréal West Island IUHSSC; Wei Li, Advisor — Sun Life Financial.