Upcoming work at Ste. Anne’s Hospital, starting January 6, 2020

This note is to inform you that Phase 2 of the construction and renovation work at Ste. Anne’s Hospital will begin shortly. This phase will include work on the 2nd floor entrance of the Main Pavilion, as well as reconfiguration of the exterior of the Basilary 1 entrance. The work will begin January 6, 2020, and is scheduled to be completed within a year. 

The exterior work will consist of demolishing the remaining section of the access ramp, and then reconstructing the ramp. This new ramp serves to connect the elevator access building to the entrance on the 2nd floor of the Main Pavilion. An exterior terrace adjoining the staff cafeteria will also be remodelled so that residents, their families, and staff can also access this area. Landscaping will also be done to add decorative green spaces by the entrance to the Main Pavilion. At the entrance to Basilary 1, the access road and adjacent areas will be reconfigured.

To allow for these projects, exterior access to the Main Pavilion via Basilary 1 will be closed to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic for the duration of the renovations. The parking area by the Main Pavilion will also be unavailable during that period. Also, note that stops for STM busses, SAH busses, and adapted transport will all be relocated to the Remembrance Pavilion. To minimize the impact of these changes, a section of the parking lot at the Remembrance Pavilion will be reserved for visitors and public transit users. That configuration will remain in place until all work has been completed.

Temporary signage will be set up at the entrance to the visitors’ parking by the Main Pavilion to ensure that all vehicular and pedestrian traffic is redirected toward the parking and entrance of the Remembrance Pavilion.

Be assured that all necessary measures will be taken to limit the inconveniences this work may cause (noise, dust, etc.).

Should you have any questions, you may contact Isabelle Labrie, interim Coordinator—Longterm Care Services (SEAPD) at 514-457-3440, extension 3102.

Thank you for your cooperation.