Did you know that in Quebec 1 in 15 young people will develop an eating disorder?

Eating Disorder Awareness Week was held from February 1 to 7. It was a great opportunity to open the lines of communication with children and adolescents about possible body image concerns. 

Moved by the cause and wanting to raise public awareness around this issue, Ricardo invited Dr. Steiger, Director of the Eating Disorders Program at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, to be on his show on February 4. In addition to receiving valuable advice from Dr. Steiger, viewers were shown delicious, healthy recipes.

The Douglas Mental Health University Institute’s Eating Disorders Continuum (EDC) is the first and only facility in Quebec to offer specialized services to children and adults who have eating disorders in the spectrum of anorexia and bulimia. With a provincial mandate, the EDC is the cornerstone of health care for Quebecers with eating disorders, and acts as a clinical expertise and research centre.