Partnership – Opening of a community social pediatric centre in Lachine!

The Lachine Community Social Pediatric Center was inaugurated on June 21, following many years of effort by the Lachine community. This project was made possible through the involvement of several organizations such as the Lachine borough, Concert’Action Lachine, Table de la petite enfance Dorval-Lachine, and the Table de concertation jeunesse Lachine.

Having been involved in this major mobilizing project since day one, we are proud to announce that a social worker and a nurse from the Montréal West Island IUHSSC will provide support to children and families of the Centre.

Also, several of our healthcare professionals (community nurses, school nurses, social workers) will be present in the community of Saint-Pierre—alongside community organizations—to provide a network of support for families and children.

Best of luck to the Lachine Community Social Pediatric Centre!