Infection Rate at Lakeshore General Hospital Down 35%

The Montréal West Island IUHSSC is proud to present the latest numbers from Lakeshore General Hospital in its efforts to fight infections. The data was collected through an American quality measurement and improvement program, the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP). In the three years since it was implemented, the NSQIP, which is funded by the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation, has yielded conclusive results. 

Under this program, the nurse assigned to the program must fill out an evaluation grid after a surgical procedure. The information in the grid is then entered into the NSQIP’s database, and the nurse can compare the results to those from other participating hospitals. The nurse can then work with clinical teams to establish measures scientifically proven to improve surgical practices. 

The NSQIP helps reduce the risks of surgical complications and shorten hospital stays. As a result, it improves patient services.

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