Quebec’s first baby of 2018 was born at St. Mary’s Hospital Center!

Maxine Kylie Ona was born two seconds past midnight on January 1 at St. Mary’s Hospital Center. The baby was due January 4, but she was anxious to meet her two big sisters, aged three and five years old. Maxine came out weighing 3.26 kg. Mother and child are doing well. 

In an interview with the Canadian Press, the mother, Miriam Oviedo, said she was relieved that Maxine was born January 1 because she herself was born December 31. “We were hoping that we would each get our own birthday!” 

With over 4 500 deliveries per year, St. Mary’s Hospital Center is one the largest birthing centres in Montreal. It’s also is the first hospital in the city to have received Baby Friendly Hospital Status.