Inauguration of a Multifunctional Radiology Room at the Lakeshore General Hospital

The Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (Montréal West Island IUHSSC) and the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation (LGHF) jointly announced the official opening of the new high-end multifunctional radiology room at the Lakeshore General Hospital. The total cost of this new facility is $2 million, of which $1.7 million was funded by the LGHF.  

This new room at the cutting edge of technology includes state-of-the-art specialized diagnostic equipment, which facilitates image guided procedures with the Artis Zee MP system from Siemens. The system can provide an alternative to conventional surgery, thereby reducing patient hospitalization time. This new room will enable the hospital to offer modern treatment options. It will have an immediate and profound impact on several departments, namely: Surgery, Nephrology, Oncology, Emergency and Obstetrics. 

“This new multifunctional radiology room is a major step for the Lakeshore General Hospital. It allows more on-site interventions and avoids numerous transfers of users towards downtown. In addition, it represents a significant advantage for patients, as it involves less invasive procedures, a reduction in the waiting period, and an improvement in the recovery time. I wish to thank Dr. Fadi Aris, Chief of the Medical Imaging Department, along with everyone involved in the process,” said Benoit Morin, President and CEO of the Montréal West Island IUHSSC, of which the Lakeshore General Hospital is a facility.

“The LGHF is proud to have raised the necessary funds to develop this project and acquire the specialized equipment needed to open this new multifunctional room,” added Heather Holmes, Managing Director of the LGHF. “Projects like these give full meaning to our mission and reaffirm our purpose. We are extremely grateful to the Eric T. Webster Foundation for their vision and for offering immeasurable support, every step of the way. Without them, the project would not have seen the light of day.”

In the picture, from left to right: Mr. Richard Legault (President of the Board of Directors), Dr. Fadi Aris (Chief of the Medical Imaging Department), Mr. William Ferguson (Donor), Mr. Benoit Morin (President and CEO of the Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre), Mrs. Heather Holmes (Managing Director of the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation), Mr. David Cescon (Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation) and Mrs. Véronique Rodella (Chief of the Medical Imaging Service).