Services for Seniors and People with Decreasing Independence

Programs and services of the government of Quebec for seniors

A guide presenting all the programs and services of the Government of Quebec for seniors is available.

West Island Seniors Resource

A guide presenting the West Island Seniors Resource is available.

The Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre offers many services to persons with loss of autonomy associated with aging and physical disabilities, as well as their families and/or caregivers. The services offered, based on an assessment that identifies the person’s needs and taking into account the individual’s abilities and resources, as well as the resources within the person’s environment within a dynamic and ongoing process and based on preserving the individual’s autonomy, are the following: 

  • Assessment of the overall state of health, loss of autonomy, disabilities and resources by a professional healthcare provider;
  • Referral to the clinical and professional services required and/or home care services to address temporary or permanent disabilities; 
  • Nursing services;
  • Rehabilitation services: occupational and physical therapy;
  • Advice on nutrition.

Home support services for assistance with activities of daily living that the environment cannot compensate for;

  • Medical services;
  • Palliative care;
  • Various programs:  
    • fall prevention;
    • home adaptation programs;
    • assistance with visual impairments;
  • Respite/support for caregivers.

These services may be offered at the CLSC through general services, at home according to the eligibility criteria for home support services. Referrals may be made, depending on the condition of the person, for:

  • a day centre;
  • a day hospital; 
  • a rehabilitation unit;
  • a temporary residence unit;
  • a permanent residence unit;
  • a community organization;
  • a social economy organization 

If you feel that you need one of these services for yourself or a loved one, contact your IUHSSC. A healthcare professional will analyze your request and inform you of the accessibility to services or will refer you to other resources, depending on the situation.


CLSC de Pierrefonds: 514-626-2572
CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis: 514-697-4110