International Adoption

Pre and post adoption services on the West Island for international adoption

Are you thinking about, or in the process of, adopting a child from another country? Are you about to bring your child home? Have you already adopted a child internationally? We understand that adopting a child from overseas can pose exciting challenges for your family – challenges that can sometimes threaten to disturb the family balance. We invite you to participate in activities designed to provide both practical and theoretical insights to parents in this situation.  

The following services are offered to residents of the Island of Montreal: 

Home visit

A home visit is offered to every new adoptive parent after the arrival of their chlid.

Workshops for parents

Workshops are organized to guide parents-to-be through the adoption process and to help them be well prepared for the arrival of their child, as well as to support them and foster a healthy and harmonious relationship with the child who they will or have adopted.  

Psychosocial consultations and/or follow-ups

The adoptive parents meet individually, as couples or as a family to discuss specific concerns or challenges they have or expect to have with the child. 

Consultations and/or follow-ups with a nurse 

These individual, couple or family meetings allow for discussions regarding specific concerns or challenges that are envisioned or being experienced with the child. 

Workshops for parents and children 

These meetings are intended for new parents returning to Montreal. Activities are presented for the purpose of strengthening the peaceful bond between parents and children so that they feel secure. In addition, new parents have the opportunity to meet so that they can support each other and share their experiences.  

Free bilingual services. 


Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre
514-697-4110, extension 1307 
You can also read our international adoption flyer