Neighbourhood Pharmacy

Your pharmacist: a front-line partner in your health

There are over 400 pharmacies on the island of Montréal, making pharmacists very accessible front-line health-care professionals. They are available to consult on any benign health issues and when you have questions about over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Pharmacists offer a range of services:

  • safe disposal of expired or unused medications
  • prescription of emergency oral contraception (morning-after pill)
  • information about medications (interactions, side effects, advice on usage)
  • advice on choosing over-the-counter medications, including natural products
  • recommendation of an appropriate pharmacological therapy for smoking cessation and how to use it

Many pharmacists take an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with other health care professionals to provide services such as vaccination clinics, lipid profiles, and follow-up for asthma, hypertension and other chronic illnesses. Ask your pharmacist! 

You and your pharmacist must work as a team!

It is important to understand the role of both the pharmacist and the patient, and the benefits of explaining your health conditions so that he can better advise you and identify any potentially problematic situation. By always going to the same pharmacy, you ensure that your pharmacist has your complete pharmacological record, which saves you from repeating this information each time. Furthermore, when you go to the pharmacy to get prescription medication, make sure you know the health problem for which the medication was prescribed. 

Your neighbourhood pharmacist... check them out! 

Patient’s Role

Don’t hold anything back! 

Your pharmacist needs to know everything about the state of your health (e.g. pregnancy, allergies) and lifestyle (e.g. use of natural health products, smoking, alcohol, energy drinks). These could affect your treatment.

Learn more about the medication prescribed to you

Understanding what medication is being prescribed to you and why helps you to understand your treatment, to obtain the best possible treatment results, to take the medication as instructed, to know about the side effects, and to communicate the right information.

Ask your pharmacist questions

Do you have questions about the dosage of a medication, its side effects, or the reasons why you are taking it? Do you think a treatment may not be right for you? Are you considering a natural health product? Don’t hesitate to discuss these questions with your pharmacist: they are there to help!

Have on hand a current list of your medications

If you take several medications, it is always good to have a current list of your medications with you in case, for example, you had a medical emergency.

Consult your pharmacist rather than the Web!

You read about it on the internet? Your pharmacist can help you interpret or demystify certain information. All you need to do is ask! The Web is good, but your pharmacist is better!

Take control of your health!

Developing good habits with your medication is one step towards health. Only you can put into practice the good advice you get. Take control of your health... team up with your pharmacist!

Role of the Pharmacist

Know as much as possible!

The more the pharmacist knows about your health conditions (such as pregnancy, allergies) and your lifestyle (such as consumption of natural health products, alcohol, tobacco, energy drinks), the better they can advise you and anticipate potentially problematic situations.

Let’s talk about your medications!

The pharmacist can explain the reasons why a medication has been prescribed to you and can give you advice on how to take it. Together you can monitor the effectiveness of your treatment and your reaction to it, so that you get the best results.

Did you understand?

To build a winning team together, it is important that you understand everything you need to know about your treatment (dosage, frequency, length of treatment, etc.). If you still have questions or aren’t sure you understood everything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Ensure that the information in your file is up to date

The pharmacist updates your list of medications by entering into your file every new prescription medication, natural health products, and any other relevant information. This allows them to know you better and help you more.

Your Pharmacist Is an Expert in Medication

Do not hesitate to ask questions about your medications! They can also help you to sort through the information you find online. It’s better to trust a health professional than the internet!

Teaming up with you!

Your role is just as important as that of the pharmacist when it comes to your health. Speak with them about it and do not hesitate to mention issues that could prevent you from following their advice. Together you can find solutions.

Area Pharmacies

This link will let you to search by resource type or by name and by postal code or region. Use it to obtain more information on the services offered within the various pharmacies of the territory.