Home Care

What are the services offered at home?

Following an evaluation, home care services are offered to individuals with temporary or permanent impairments, such as seniors or people with disabilities, who are in recovery, who have AIDS or a chronic illness, or who are in the end stages of life.

These services can include medical, nursing, psychosocial, rehabilitation, nutrition, domestic services, as well palliative care, bereavement support, caregiver services, and referrals to residential resources. 


CLSC de Dorval-Lachine: 514-639-0650
CLSC de LaSalle: 514-364-2572

To obtain services

Yourself or a loved one wishes to receive home care services?

At the Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre, we offer, in partnership with different local organisations, varied services so that you may remain at home as long as possible, if this is what you desire.