Be Well Prepared for your Appointment

Here are some tips to be well prepared for your appointment with a doctor or with any other health professional.

Write down the following information:

  • Your symptoms, their frequency, and when and under which circumstances they appear.
  • Your personal history, such as illnesses, injuries, hospitalisations and surgery along with their dates.
  • Vaccines that you have received, along with their dates.
  • Any specific conditions (allergies, disabilities, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.).
  • If you know them, the results of your latest tests (blood tests, urinalysis) and recent X-rays.

Bring a complete, updated list of your medications. Your pharmacist can provide a list of your prescribed medication. You must include any non-prescription medications, vitamins, dietary supplements and natural products that you are taking. If this is not possible, bring all of your medications with you. 

Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask. 

On the day of your appointment:

  • Arrive on time, with a pad and pencil to take notes.
  • If you cannot make the scheduled time, notify the clinic as early as possible so that your appointment can be offered to another patient.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions and to write down the answers.
  • If necessary, ask a family member or friend to accompany you.