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Support for families and those around them

Do you have a relative or a loved one living with a mental health condition?  
You can support them, and we can help you.  

The Montreal West Island IUHSSC works closely with three organizations to provide support, in all its facilities, to families and those around them in times of need. Other resources are also available all across Montreal and Québec.

Watch the video on our campaign, Support counts! 

Community organizations providing support to families and loved ones

On the Montreal West Island IUHSSC’s territory

Friends for Mental Health
Friends for Mental Health is a non-profit organization operating in the West Island whose purpose is to provide support and other resources—such as counselling, training, conferences, support groups—to those close to a person with a mental health disorder. 

AMI-Québec is a non-profit organization that helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy.

Covering the territory of South West Montréal—including Lachine, LaSalle, and Verdun—PABEMSOM (Parents et amis du bien-être mental du Sud-ouest de Montréal) aims to bring together parents and families in distress upon finding out a loved one is suffering from a mental disorder.


In Montreal and across Québec

Réseau Avant de craquer — 1 855 CRAQUER (272-7837)
The Réseau Avant de craquer is a Québec-wide non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together, represent, support, and mobilize organizations working to break down the isolation and help achieve the potential of those caring for a loved one with a mental disorder. The Réseau provides contact information for all member associations, by administrative region, including their websites. 

Click here for a list of all resources in Montreal providing support to families and those around them. 

You can call the Réseau Avant de craquer at all times and from anywhere in Québec at 1 855 CRAQUER (272-7837) for information about assistance, respite, training, and support services available near you. It's free!  


  • Capsule 1: Support counts: I am a sister

In this first capsule, a sister talks about her brother, who has a mental illness. She explains how her help supports her brother's healing process.

  • Capsule 2: Support counts: I am the treating team

In this second capsule, a doctor talks to a family member. She explains that the family’s observations add extra value in developing a clinical picture. 

  • Capsule 3: Support counts: I am a mother

In this third capsule, a mother looks at the benefits of support from community resources, and the care and services provided by the Montreal West Island IUHSSC. 

  • Capsule 4: Support counts: I am an organization

In this fourth capsule, the representative from a community organization helping families and caregivers of a person with a mental illness stresses the importance of turning to the various resources available for support.