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Living better with chronic illnesses

Lifestyle Modification Program—Prediabetes, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure

A two-year educational program for pre-diabetics, diabetics and patients with high blood pressure, to help them better understand their illness and the means to: control diabetes on a daily-to-day basis; medication and complications; diet, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, etc. A physician’s referral is required to register for this program. 

Individual and Group Meetings:

  • Lifestyle modification behaviour program (risk factors, medication)
  • Assessment and glycemia follow-up by a nurse clinician
  • Blood Pressure Program


CLSC de Dorval-Lachine: 514-639-0650, extension 80581
CLSC de LaSalle: 514-364-2572, extension 23001
CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis: 514-697-4110, extension 4418
CLSC de Pierrefonds: 514-626-4019, extension 4418
Lakeshore General Hospital: 514-630-2225, extension 1821

Acute Back Pain Management Program

An educational program that aims to restore a patient’s ability to function focused on preventing complications and limiting duration. In collaboration with the RUIS-McGill, centre of expertise in chronic pain, and a referral with your family physician, the back pain program is available to users aged 18–75 years who have suffered with persistent back pain for a period of 6 weeks to 1 year.

One-on-one meetings are available with an interdisciplinary team. These meetings aim to: 

  • Ensure early detection in those at risk/appropriate interventions.
  • preventing complications and chronic conditions in targeted clientèles/encourage the individual’s autonomy

CNESST and SAAQ cases are excluded. 


CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis: 514-697-4110, extension 4418
CLSC de Pierrefonds: 514-626-2572, extension 4418

Lifestyle Modification Program—Light to Moderate COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

An educational program based on factors that have an impact on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and allows participants to better manage their condition through lifestyle changes. An interdisciplinary team offers both individual and group meetings that can lead to:

  • Early detection of COPD/spirometry test
  • Proper use of medication 
  • Prevent exacerbation and infections
  • Patient autonomy in managing their health


CLSC de Dorval-Lachine: 514-639-0650
CLSC de LaSalle: 514-364-2572
CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis: 514-697-4110, extension 4418
CLSC de Pierrefonds: 514-626-4019, extension 4418

Pulmonary Telerehabilitation Program

Support program to help COPD patients making lifestyle changes, in collaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital. It includes:

  • Endurance and Strength Drills
  • Educational conferences on targeted themes

The program is available by referral from the Lakeshore General Hospital and the Hôpital de LaSalle.


Lakeshore General Hospital: 514-630-2225, extension 1729
Hôpital de LaSalle 514-362-8000, extension 31816

Other Resources


Ask your family medicine group (FMG) whether any chronic illness programs are offered. If you are you looking for a family doctor, see Next page.

Quit Smoking Centres

A healthy lifestyle is important to improving the lives of those living with COPD. Quit Smoking centres can help you be a non-smoker again.