Adolescent Program

Program overview

  • Offers specialized services to youth under the age of 18 for a maximum period of one year;
  • Offers possible service continuum with the adult program after the age of 18;
  • Offers first-, second-, and third-line services to youth with an eating disorder all across Quebec;
  • Offers intensive case management: outpatient clinic, day hospital, inpatient unit;
  • Includes a clinical research program.

External Services

Outpatient treatments begin with an interdisciplinary evaluation that includes a child psychiatrist and other care providers such as psychologists, nurses, and nutritionists. 

Following the evaluation, the patient can receive the following services, subject to meeting the outpatient clinic’s admission requirements:

The following services can be added if need be:

  • Nutritional follow-up;
  • Additional individual therapy.

Day hospital

  • Duration of 4 to 8 weeks;
  • Day program that focuses on the youth’s dietary exposure at breakfast (Monday to Friday);
  • Group therapy (core mindfulness, animal-assisted therapy, and music therapy);
  • Training provided by the Lester B. Pearson School Board;
  • Continuing therapy undertaken at the outpatient clinic.

Short-term inpatient unit

  • Duration of 2 to 4 weeks (may vary depending on medical opinion);
  • Short-term intensive recovery program;
  • Not always intended for physical medical stabilization; however, it aims to restore weight or stabilize eating habits before starting or pursuing an outpatient follow-up.

Referring an adolescent

To refer an adolescent with an eating disorder to the program:
Fax a medical consultation from the family doctor or treating pediatrician at 514-888-4095.

Contact us
514-761-6131 (# 7369)