Adolescent Program

Our program

  • Provides specialized clinical services to youths aged 12 to 17 years
  • Provides a continuum of care with adult services
  • Provides 1st and 2nd line service for Montreal West Island IUHSSC clients and a 3rd line follow-up for complex eating disorders throughout Quebec
  • Provides a continuum of care with services offering varying intensity: external clinic, evening program, day hospital, hospitalization unit
  • Integrates a clinical research program


External Services

  • Family-based treatment (FBT), 20 sessions

    • Psychiatric assessment
    • Nutritional assessment

  • If needed:

    • Individual therapy
    • Family intervention
    • Nutritional monitoring

Evening program

Two evenings a week from 4 to 20 weeks depending on need:

  • Multi-family food exposure
  • Parent support group and Adolescent psycho-educational group
  • DBT group (dialectical behavioral approach) for adolescents and their parents

Day hospital

Duration of 4 to 8 weeks

  • Monday to Friday, including breakfast and/or lunch
  • Group therapy
  • Continuation of external therapies

Short-term hospitalization unit

Intensive recovery program

  • Duration of approximately 2-4 weeks (may vary according to medical condition)
  • Not designed for physical medical
  • stabilization

To refer an adolescent

To refer an adolescent with an eating disorder to the program: fax a referral (medical consultation) to: 514-888-4095.

For questions about the program, call: 514-761-6131 ext. 7369.