Board of Directors


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During Board meetings, a Question & Answer period is available for people wishing to obtain information about the organization and the care and services it offers. Questions can be asked by members of the community, unions, employees, or any other group. They must be submitted at least 24 hours before a public Board meeting so that the organization can ensure a completed and detailed answer. 

You can contact the Board of Directors at the following address: 

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Members of the Board of Directors of the Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre

Designated members 

Dr Nebojsa Kovacina

Regional department of general medicine

Dr Suj Sivaraman

Council of physicians, dentists and pharmacists

Ms Nada Dabbagh

Regional pharmaceutical services committee

Ms May Nassar

Council of nurses

Ms Marianne Ferraiuolo

Multidisciplinary council

Ms Micheline Béland

Users’ committee

Appointed members

Mr Benoit Morin

President and CEO of the IUHSSC

Ms Liette Lapointe

Affiliated universities

Dr Samuel Benaroya

Affiliated universities

Independent members

Ms Isabelle Brault

Governance and ethics competency

Mr Marcel Villeneuve

Risk management, finance and accounting competency

Mr Richard Legault

President – Human, property and information resources competency

Mr Rafik Greiss

Auditing, performance and quality management competency

Ms France Desjardins

Expertise with respect to community organizations

Ms Judy Martin

Youth protection expertise

Mr Gary Whittaker

Rehabilitation expertise

Ms Caroline Storr-Ordolis

Rehabilitation expertise

Ms Claudette Allard

Mental health expertise

Mr Alain Berinstain

Experience as a user of social services

Schedule of Meetings

Here's the schedule of Meetings

Forming the Board of Directors

On October 1, 2015, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Gaétan Barrette, and the Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health, Lucie Charlebois, announced the appointment of independent members and representatives of affiliated universities to sit on the Boards of Directors of Montreal region health and social service institutions, in accordance with the Act to modify the organization and governance of the health and social services network, in particular by abolishing the regional agencies.

All of the candidates were selected taking into account various criteria, including gender parity, representation of various parts of the region served, and the sociocultural, ethnocultural, linguistic or demographic make-up of the user population.

Six colleges have also carried out the designation process.

In keeping with An Act to Modify the Organization and Governance of the Health and Social Services Network, in Particular by Abolishing the Regional Agencies (CQLR, chapter O-7.2), the Board of Directors of the Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre is composed of:

  • one general practitioner; 
  • one medical specialist; 
  • one institution pharmacist; 
  • one person designated by and from among the members of the institution's council of nurses; 
  • one person designated by and from among the members of the institution's multidisciplinary council; 
  • one person designated by and from among the members of the institution's users' committee; 
  • two person appointed by the Minister from a list of names provided by the universities with which the institution is affiliated; 
  • Ten independent persons appointed according to the specific competency profile defined by the Minister in the following fields: 

    • governance and ethics competency;
    • risk management, finance and accounting competency;
    • human, property and information resources competency;
    • auditing, performance and quality management competency;
    • expertise with respect to community organizations;
    • youth protection expertise;
    • rehabilitation expertise;
    • mental health expertise; 
    • experience as a user of social services,

  • The Institution’s President and CEO.